Taking blood thinners is now part of his daily routine

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His recovery period was set at a cautious three months that was shared by his Wasps director of rugby Dai Young.Taking blood thinners is now part of his daily routine, but otherwise Robson is fit and well, undergoing regular scans to assess progress which he reports is “going well”.The former Gloucester man remains firmly within the inner sanctum of Wasps camp playing non contact roles in training and performing waterboy duties on matchdays. He openly admits keeping his child in check during the period is a challenge.”As fit as I ever been” Sitting before us Robson looks a picture of perfect health and confidently claims to be “as fit as he ever been” through miles of running and gym exertions. His aim is clear and his confidence unstinting.Having been selected as only one of two scrum halves by Jones for the Six Nations, Robson emerged as a front runner for a place in the World Cup squad heading to Japan.

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